Euro Hummer Football 2008

Euro Hummer Football 2008

Euro Hummer Football 2008 was created in time for the Euro 2008 tournament to enhance the already existing popular Hummer Football games. The game was created with more of a team game in mind, further expanding on the number of Hummer’s on each team. With an improvement in graphics, Euro Hummer Football 2008 is a further improvement on the original Hummer Football games. The concept of playing Hummer Football as your own particular country (or even your favourite) is an added bonus in this game and kind of mirrors the whole Euro 2008 competition. Anyway… that’s enough from us, start your engines.. you’re in for a great ride with Euro Hummer Football 2008!

Description: As with all Hummer Football games (and any other soccer / football games out there) the concept of the game is to put the ball in the goal more times than the opposition. Ok sure, it’s not always that easy and it’s sometimes a question of defending your own net as well as trying to stick the ball in the opposition’s – but give it a blast and see how you do. Can you beat the best countries in Europe at this fantastic Hummer Football game?

Instructions: Move Hummer – Keyboard, Shoot – Space, Change Car – Z


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