Hummer Football 2012

Hummer Football 2012

Well… we’re just as disappointed as you but there doesn’t appear to be a Hummer Football 2012? It’s a shame really as for the previous big football tournament years they’ve always released a new game: Euro Hummer Football 2008 and World Hummer Football 2010. Maybe they’re just going to keep us waiting for Hummer Football 2014?

Either way, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and as soon as (or if!) it gets released we will add the game to the only site on the web dedicated to bringing you the free Hummer Football games!

In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy some of the older versions for old time sake which you will find in our Hummer Football games collection.

I’ve got a (perhaps over optimistic) feeling that we will be seeing a new game to add to the collection shortly, so keep popping back – we’re not going to try and trick you like other sites do! If the games available, you will find it here!


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