World Hummer Football 2010

World Hummer Football 2010

World Hummer Football 2010 is the latest in the Hummer Football games series and was created to co-inside with the World Cup 2010 in Spain. Since the original Hummer Football game, there’s been a major revamp in game play and graphics, and this latest installation just demonstrates the progression that’s taken place! This version of Hummer Football goes back to a 2 on 2 format and takes you through the World Cup 2010 tournament. Get your foot on the gas and get ready to score some goals!!

Description: Play your way through a World Cup style tournament or maybe you just fancy a quick game? Either way.. you know the aim of the game by now! Score more goals than the opponent! With only 2 cars on your team this time, you need to be strategic with your positioning in both defence and attack. Can you take your Hummer team to World Cup glory in the best Hummer Football game yet?!

Instructions: Movements = Arrow Keys, Brake = Space Bar, Shoot = x, Assist = z, Team Player goes Forward = A, Team Player goes Backwards = S


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